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David Richardson and Co

Why Choose Us?

  • Exceptional quality work at affordable rates
  • Highly personalised service
  • Cost saving bundles of services
  • Over 40 years accounting experience
  • Specialising in small businesses


Financial, taxation and Companies House legislation can be confusing and complicated, but we can guide you through them leaving you free to concentrate on business!

Whether starting up in business, expanding or just so short on time it’s always the last thing you think about, company accounting and legislative filing can be quite a nightmare to small business owners. Keeping up with everything is really hard work alone and it’s easy to miss things, so reliable, personalised support from experts is a real essential.

Annual accounts preparation
Every business and charity has a legal obligation to prepare and submit annual sets of accounts, and besides legal requirements annual accounts are often required for all sorts of business deals, grants and loans. Annual accounts require book-keeping throughout the year, good advice on efficient approaches to taxation then careful preparation into a specific format and submission to H M Revenue & Customs and Companies House. We can take care of the end of year preparation or cover year round book-keeping.

Taxation, VAT and payroll
Companies are liable for a wide range of taxes which can have substantial knock on effects for business owners and directors through income tax and capital gains. We can take an in-depth look at any business, ensure you’re paying all the taxes you should be, and can often find ways to help save you money by reducing corporation tax liability or distributing wages and dividends more efficiently. If you are legally required to register for VAT as well, we can advise you on how this affects your day to day work and take care of all VAT reporting and form submissions.Finally our payroll services take all the work out of monthly and weekly wages, ensuring all forms are filled and filed and wage slips are issued to your employees.

Company start ups and formations
Whatever your business structure, the paperwork and filing associated with getting set up can be so confusing it often puts people off even trying. We can help you take a close look at your idea through cash flow and profit / loss forecasts, then advise on the ideal company structure and deal with the formation. The service can also easily include setting you up with payroll, VAT registration, book-keeping and taxation.

We also offer personal accountancy services
Directors of even the smallest business have to fill out self assessment forms every year so that H M Revenue & Customs can ensure that you’re paying the right amount of tax. We can take care of all the forms and advise you on the right balance between payroll and dividends to minimise your tax liability.No matter what your requirements for business or personal accountancy services put it in the hands of the small business specialists at David Richardson & Co; contact us today and we can arrange a free initial consultation.

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